Coconut Highball

Tangy, tropical, sweet and refreshing, elevating the vanilla notes from the rum casks used to finish Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth, the coconut highball will make you think you have sand between your toes and sun on your face.


  • 50mlCaribbean Smooth
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • 20mlCoconut syrup
  • 100mlSoda Water
  • Mint sprig
  • Lime wheel


1. Add whisky, lemon juice and syrup to chilled highball glass
2. Fill with cubed ice, add soda
3. Stir ingredients from the bottom upwards to mix thoroughly
4. And garnish with slapped mint sprig and lime wheel.
Highball PioneerTommy Dewar1864 - 1930

In 1892 while out with friends in New York, Tommy Dewar asked for a glass of Dewar’s whisky to be served high and with soda, ice and lemon and so the Dewar’s Original Highball was born, and became the perfect drink to enhance the smoothness of our whisky.

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