Self-fill Scotch whisky cask: Number 21426

Self-fill Scotch Whisky Cask at Dewar's Aberfeldy Distillery

What is our ‘self-fill’ single cask Scotch whisky?

Our visitors have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of exclusively-matured whisky drawn from a unique single cask. The bottle can be filled by the individual from the barrel onsite, and is labelled for them by our team. Each Scotch whisky cask contains roughly 200 – 600 bottles of whisky, dependent on the size, type and age of the cask. And when the last bottle is gone, its unique taste passes into history.

Cask No. 21426 is an ex-american oak cask, which gives a lighter colour and character compared to sherry or port casks. Bottled at 56.95% abv, cask 21426 was laid down in 2001 and was released from the warehouse in April 2017, with the last bottle being filled on site on 17th August 2018. A total of 187 bottles were filled from this cask.

Whisky tasting notes

As two barrels of Scotch whisky are never quite the same, we never know what aromas and flavours each new whisky cask will give us, so each barrel is tasted and described by our team of whisky advisors. Here are the tasting notes for this delicious single cask whisky:

Caramel, Spicy, Nutty

Sweet and fresh, almost sap-like with vanilla custard and icing sugar.

Fiery ginger, mustard and green chilli, with fragrant black pepper and tannic oak.

Heavy, oily almond butter, tobacco leaf and an ashy, dying bonfire note.

How to purchase a bottle from this unique Scotch whisky cask

Cask number 21426 is currently sold out, and due to the nature of oak casks, each single cask bottling has its own unique character and flavour.