Self-fill Scotch whisky cask: Number 135

About our single cask Aberfeldy ‘self-fill’

Our visitors have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of a unique single cask Aberfeldy, exclusive to the Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery. Fill and label your own limited edition bottle of Aberfeldy from one of our ‘self-fills’, each bottle individually numbered. Every cask we open is different, so we never know how many bottles we are going to get, generally dependent on the cask size and type, as well as the age of the whisky, we can expect anywhere from 150 to 600 bottles. And when the last bottle is gone, its unique taste passes into history.

Cask No. 135 is an ex-sherry oak cask, which gives a rich colour and character compared to an American oak cask. Bottled at 55.2% abv, cask 135 was laid down in 1998, and was released from the warehouse in November 2014, with the last bottle being filled on site on 21st November 2016. A total of 650 bottles were filled from this cask.

Whisky tasting notes

As two casks of Scotch whisky are never quite the same, we never know exactly what aromas and flavours to expect. The tasting notes for our distillery casks are created by our distillery team.  Here are the tasting notes for this delicious single cask whisky:

Toffee, Fruity, Spicy

Smooth toffee with sweet floral honeycomb.

Dried sultanas and stewed apple leads into a rich sherry oak sweetness.

A delicate hint of cinnamon, peppery notes with sweet vanilla.

How to purchase a bottle from this unique Scotch whisky cask

Cask number 135 is currently sold out, and due to the nature of oak casks, each single cask bottling has its own unique character and flavour.